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On this Websites about the Hector's Dolphin, i will be explaining what the dolphins look like (and i will show you some photos of them). I will also be sharing with you my opinion on them and if you come onto the website, knowing that you dont like these dolphins, then scroll to the bottom for links to other websites on different species, enjoy :)

The Hector's dolphin is one of the rarest species of dolphin in the world. They live in the coastal waters of new zealand, and might you be wondering why they are name the Hector's dolphin? Well it's because the man who first examined them was called hector! Hector first examined them in 1869,he was a New Zealand zooligist and his full name was Sir James Hector.

Here's a Hector's Dolphin:

Just some little facts about these dolphins:

Some more pictures of the Hector's Dolphin!:

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What I think about these dolphins: